Master Spin 75a opto not booting

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I’ve just swapped all the guts from old plane and… ESC does not want to boot. From what I can see it is not setup issue but those ESC. With different ESC everything works well. Does anyone had same issue ??

Pls help cos this probably easy fix keeps me away from flying :frowning:

ESC: Hacker Master Spin 75a opto
RX: Tbs Crossfire Diversity Nano
ArduPlane V4.1.7

Connect it directly to an Rx and see if the ESC works there. If it does, then maybe its a wrong setting in the FC (flight controller).

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The issue is that they do not even boot up connected straight to LiPo. Not even brand new out of the box.

Connected straight to the Rx same thing :frowning:

Ok, I hope you don’t take this to be an insult but I just want to make sure all the bases are covered.

  • The ESC is connected to a motor. This is where the beeps come from.
  • The Rx wire of the ESC is connected to the throttle channel of the Rx.
  • A separate BEC is connected to the Rx to power it up (ESC is Opto so no voltage supplied from the Rx wire.
  • When battery is connected to power up the ESC and BEC, typically this is when you get the musical tone then if there’s no Rx PWM signal, you’ll just get one beep every second or so.
  • So if the motor doesn’t emit any beeps, then it’s say to presume the ESC is bad.
  • If you get the beeps, then power it down and perform the traditional ESC calibrations with the Tx to set the endpoints.

Good luck.

Don’t worry I wont get insulted :wink: Can’t get around my head anyway :slight_smile:

That is the thing as You have just listed everything is done properly:

ESC PLUG (direct RX to ESC):
Rx → Throttle Rx

  • → Nothing there cos rx has no cable there (Plug removed from OrangeCube servo rail which is powered by separate BEC - RX is in this config powered thru OrngeCube Telem1 socket)
    GND → GND

When it is on OrangeCube:
ESC plug → OrangeCube CH3 all three wires
Rx → OrangeCube RxIn without + wire
Rx powered thru Telem1 socket

They not making any sound event powered directly from LiPo, not even brand new out from the box.
When trying with Skywalker 80A everything works fine.

Going loco with this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Check this guide and see if it might give you some clues.

Good luck.

Hi there :slight_smile:

So… I got it finally. Had to change to xmplus and it worked. No idea why mavlink causes so much troubles.

Your Quid helped a lot thanks :slight_smile: