Massive arducopter yaw instability

I built a quadcopter that was working very well until I recently started it up for the first time in a while. Suddenly a bunch of Yaw instability appeared. When flying normally or just hovering the quadcopter would randomly Yaw and if it was stabilising out of a pitch/roll then it would also have a massive yaw flip out. I thought it was tuned incorrectly, however, the quadcopter was working before and I also ran autotune which gave similar PID’s as before so I’m not sure whether this is the issue.
Then today I took it out and it just went crazy. I’ll attach the logs and they are really worth taking a look at. The throttle in was jumping up to 2000, then dropping below 900 every second. I have no idea why this is, but naturally, it ended up in a massive crash that has busted my quadcopter badly.
If anyone can help, that would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

2016-09-25 15-13-41.tlog (1.5 MB)

2016-09-25 14-53-31.bin (105.2 KB)

Just FYI to devs I’ve had that happen with 3.4 rc1 Sorry I don’t have a log though

You seem to have vibrational spikes just before the roll and pitch diverged.

There are also random vibrational spikes in your acc data.
Something loose on the quad?

Your .bin file would provide more telling information.

Any chance you could find a dataflash log? They have so much more info that it makes analysis much easier.

Thanks for your help and I’ve attached the bin file here, as well as the tlog.
There was a lot of instability the whole flight, and I had zero control the entire time.

2016-09-25 15-13-41.tlog (1.5 MB)
2016-09-25 14-53-31.bin (105.2 KB)

and the log fille

2016-09-25 14-53-31.log (232.7 KB)