Mars Explorer Type Rover

Hi Everyone,

I am looking at building a basic, Mars Explorer Type Rover. Basic in that in terms of functions I would like it to:

[ul]*take still images, day and night
*navigate remotely
*have a long battery life, potentially supported by solar power (10+days)
*weather proof

In terms of navigation and control, i would like this to be remotely controlled. Wifi is an option but not preferable, so a solution outside of wifi would be ideal. Wifi control from the base station would be fine, but consider no wifi available at site location of the rover. Example, user controller based in UK, rover to be used in France.

Speed: maybe up to 3mph, not an issue

Size: I already have a 1/8th scale Tamiya TNX Monster truck with shocks, frame and wheels. This would form the rover’s base.

I am new to all this type of design so will be a steep learning curve. At this stage, just seeing if what I would like to create is possible, with what type of equipment and at what cost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if more detail needed.

Happy 2014!


You might want to have a look at this internet controlled robot chassis where the operator is in one location and the robot chassis in another location:
TCIII Developer