Marketing trial [APPROVED]

Some people may have noticed that we have finally started to make use of the ArduPilot motto “Versatile, Trusted, Open” on the wiki and discuss forums. The creation of that motto in 2018 was the start of some work on marketing ArduPilot.
The funding committee has just approved a short trial of the next step in the marketing effort, which is to start running some ads on a few sites. The ads will be very simple and will link to a landing page on the ArduPilot wiki. The ads will reinforce the motto and start getting awareness of ArduPilot as a great system out more broadly.
The trial campaign has a maximum budget of US$2k, and will run for around two months. After that we can evaluate how worthwhile it was.
Many thanks to @Gus7119 for volunteering to lead and coordinate the marketing campaign!


Funding team has discussed and approved this trial.