Mapping Walls - Vertical mission grid?

Hello everyone,

I´m relatively new to the game, but am playing with aerial mapping for geological surveying purposes for a few weeks now (using some DJI drones). A 800mm Hexacopter with Pixhawk is in the works…

So here is one of my biggest questions: Is it possible with Mission Planner to plan a mission for mapping high vertical walls or cliffs? How would you do it? As far as I know, vertical mapping grids are not an option at the moment in Mission Planner, is that right?

I think people have already asked the same questions put the topic never really got a lot of attention:


correct, its not currently an option, but please add an issue for this, as i will try and create one.

How/where do I create an issue?

I added this issue back in June 2016 -

i would need that too :slight_smile: very usefull.

Here as well… :smiley:

Quite often we map vertically and you either have to set up a standard survey mission and shifting all the waypoints in a second step, or you start completely manually from scratch. :confused:



That would indeed be a helpful option!

This would be a useful feature for me as well!

Here’s a good example of how the facade scan feature has been implemented in another GCS:

Hope this will be added to Mission Planner as well soon.

there is a plan to do this, but need to get uavcan and a few other things out of the way first.

Great to know, thank you.