Mapping: too many pictures

I have been trying for some time unfortunately without result with my Copter to map,
but more images are generated as in the log.
As an example:
135 camera shots and 153 pictures in the camera.

When I manually trigger the camera, the number of images on the SD card matches with the log.

I believe the Pixhawk Lite shoots at each turn a picture more and does not save this in the log.

Großer Quad. 15,5" Props.
Mission Speed 3m/s.
Large Quad. 15.5 "Props.
Mission Speed 3m/s.

AndruCopter: 3.3.3

Cameras: SJ4000 with remote servo, alternatively Canon S200 with CHDK remote cable.

All Data here:

wich software are you using?
to render?

I use Pix4d mapper with a throwaway user.

Projects that I have done with an fixed Wing Modell have worked.
There has everytime match the number of pictures with the Log and I could geotag the images with Mission Planer.