Mapping Boat 'Fly Away' during Mission - WHY?

Boat: 3-meter trimaran
Motor: 2.5hp Suzuki 4 stroke
Controller: PixHawk
Mapping Speed 14-19kph (4-5m/s)
Fly Away -
a. During the North / South routes everything seems ok, except the wobbly course
b. When the East / West routes start, it immediately fails to do the short route from #52 to #54, but rather does a full west run to nowhere, then returns to #54, but then skips #56 and #58 and goes straight to #60, BUT NOW THE ROUTE IS IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!
c. Then rather than gpoing to #62, it heads off to #58, and then east to #62. AT THIS POINT THE MISSION IS DESTROYED, and the costly craft is now LOST AND GOING NOWHERE!
Every time I go mapping something like this happens, this is not what we are looking for from an ‘autonomous’ ground control system.
If I am doing something wrong please let me know.

We need the dataflash log file and the corresponding GCS tlog from when this happened to diagnose the issue. Could you provide a link to those please.

Thanks, Grant.

I am away this week, but will do that when I get back. Hope I can remember how.

Hi Grant,
I just removed the micro SD from the Pixhawk, and under LOGS it only has BIN files dated back to 2016?

Where would I find this?

Lots of info on logs here

The only way the dataflash logs files won’t be there is if you have turned off logging. What is LOG_BITMASK set to?

And they should be in the “logs” directory under wherever you installed Mission Planner.

Thanks, Grant.

I will check it out today, thank you for the link Grant

I would pay a service provider a lot of money to sort this out for me as 24hrs a day just doesn’t cut it anymore. LOL

time time time time time

It can be arranged John. I’ll send you a separate message.

Thanks, Grant.

At last, my day to ‘tinker’ with this issue has come.

I started by opening a link on ‘Telemetry Logs’ sent by gmorph, thank you Grant

Found all my tlogs but every single one was stationary - either before the actual mission, or after the mission when the craft was back on shore and then at my home.

But nothing of the actual mission ???

Boy this is fun … NOT! LOL

John, can you please upload a tlog somewhere (google drive or dropbox or any of the many other choices) and post the link here. Pick the log file that is closest to the start of the mission you did above. The log should contain your parameters at least and I can have a look and see what might be going on.

What makes you say they were stationary?

Thanks, Grant.