Map zoom issue, Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I am having an issue trying to zoom the map in the APM Planner 2 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Using a multitouch “zoom” gesture is not recognized by the APM planner. The Surface Pro 3 doesn’t have a mouse, and I cannot find a zoom adjust control on the UI, so I am not able to zoom the map at all.

Any ideas?

Update: I noticed that there is actually a zoom control on the right side of the screen. Even so, is there any way to support zooming gestures in the APM Planner?

Use the trackpad on the cover or buy a mouse :wink: Maybe there is some software that allows mouse simulation as a workaround.

APM planner 2.0 is designed for WIMP environment. We have ideas for moving to a technology that better supports touch-screens, but that requires a UI/UX redesign so will take sometime. It will use QtQtick and will enable better support for embedded platforms as well.

Windows 8 Hybrid tablet/computer design is really bad idea IMHO. Windows 8 Phone is much better due to not being a desktop experience as well.

That said I’ll look at the pinch to zoom stuff, as there are trackpads that support multi-touch and maybe that will be a solution in the interim.

Hi Bill,

I think the UI is already fairly friendly toward touch interfaces. I wonder if there is an easy way to capture the zoom multitouch gesture.

In the mean time, I’ll see if I can find an app to simulate a mouse wheel.


I think the big challenges are spin boxes and combo boxes, they have a really small hit area (see image for example)