Map will no longer load

AP Planner 2.0.24
Moving map was loading fine. I was moving some of the widgets around the screen and the map went to black, I cannot get it to reload, re-starting the APP or re-booting the computer does no good.
Loading different map source and zooming in-out also does no good.
Anyone have a idea what would cause this and how to remedy it?

Hi William.

What OS? Also, try downloading and installing the latest version of APM Planner 2:

there was a change in the google api for fetching map tiles.
Should be fixed in 2.0.26.

Hi Carpy! This was resolved when I actually provided a GPS signal. Don’t know why it was working before without one.

You shouldnt need a GPS signal present when you are trying to download tiles for a area you are planning on flying in which does not have internet available, correct?

Hi Arne, I couldnt get any tile providers to load until I provided a GPS signal, then it started working again. I think I just managed to get the APP in a funky state.

Thats strange - never seen such a behaviour. The GPS signal is only used to move the map to that location and the loading of tiles only relies on the part of the you can see.
Perhaps something got locked up inside the app. If this happens again you should delete the Data.qmdb in the mapscache directory. It stores the already downloaded tiles - perhaps a somehow corrupted cache leads to this behaviour.