Map Resolution poor or not loading properly

Newby to 3DR and pixhawk. Installed and set up plane after reviewing most of the PDFs including plane parameters and Mavlink commands. Mission planner was working well and was really impressed. I worked throught the parameters and set up for hand launch as was ready to perform maiden. Something happened and now when connecting via MP the map resolution is crappy and getting remote server. remote server returning error (404) not found.

I downloaded MP on second laptop and am getting same error message. Please help. I’ve been very impressed so far with hardware and looking to get second Pixhawk for multi but now unsure. I have a mapping project in four weeks so I am desparate. Not sure problem is with program or laptops (Dell and HP) or ?

MP needs a decent internet connection to pull up the maps. In the field it sounds like you don’t have a good connection. I sometimes use my phone as a wifi hotspot to get maps in remote locations, but a better solution is to use the ‘prefetch’ map tool under the Flight Planner tab.