Map prefetch data

Where is map prefetch data stored in the mission planner? Can I Copy and paste this data to other computer’s mission planner.

it here
C:\programdata\mission planner\gmapcache
and yes you can copy and paste it between pc’s

Hi Michael,

I could not find the downloaded tiles in C:\ program files (x86) \ mission planner \gmapcache after prefetching for several times.

I did it by pressing “Ctrl + draw rectangle” in “PLAN” map, right click >map tool > prefetch. Progress bar says "All tiles saved as the bar progresses. MP is connected to vehicle with GPS 3d fix before prefetching.

What may be the possble reason and where can I specify the path for the downloaded map tiles ?

Thank you.

Please do not spam old topics, and try read previous posts. See the one just above yours. :unamused:

Sorry for whatever mistake I made. I do not understand “spam old topics”. Please elaborate.

I did read previous post and searched for answer before posting questions. Let me know so I will not commit the same mistake.

Thank you.

the answer is literally in the post above yours

Yes, I saw that post during research, and actually I sent an enquiry to Michael before I realized that Program Data
is a hidden file.

Anyway, thank you.