Map detail questions

I have tested out my APM2.5 and the MP in my yard with a laptop connected to my wireless network. The GPS is very accurate and I can zoom in and see my cars parked in the driveway.

When I take my equipment to the flying field without a WiFi connection, how far can I zoom in on the map image there? I can not think that all the detail is already in my laptop.

Maybe if I could, at home, cause the map to show the area where I would be flying, I can see how it could cache the map details. I do not know how to do that.

Thanks for the help.


Have you tried caching it from home on wifi ?

Find the field where you intend to fly, and use shift left mouse to drag/select an area.

There should be a “Cache” button near the bottom of AP2. It will cache the images and each time ask you to confirm if you want to cache at the next zoom level.

I believe that should work for you?


Yes, I see that I can drag the map around. I can see no cache button on the MP screen on my laptop. I am running MP 1.2.92 build 1.1.5111.11703. I am assuming the maps will cache automatically when they are displayed.
Is there a quicker way to reposition the map, like entering the coords?

right click > map tools> prefetch

On the Flight Plan window, found it, thanks for the help :smiley: