Many mavproxy terminals pop up problem

I am doing drone formation in Gazebo.
I have 100 drones, which I control from pymavlink liabrary. The problem is that for each drone 3 or 2 terminals are supposed to pop-up. If I have 100 drones then 300 or 200 are going to pop-up. Which takes a lot of resources and hence makes the links between gazebo and mavproxy unstable, and periodically “link downe” message appears.

I also tried -n 100 or --count 100 or -i 100, which only opens 100 terminals and hence use little resources. But now I am unable to control drones with pymavlink liabrary…

Experts and devs, please do help…

What scripts are you using for launching the drones? If you’re using, there’s a --no-mavproxy option to not launch MAVProxy.