Manually entering position readout for Follow Mode

Hi all. I’m really interested in rover 4s follow mode for my skid steering boat but I’d like it to follow a position that I am getting from an external source. Is it impossible to follow a moving target that’s not connected to a module (its underwater)? If I can get the real-time position of the target, is there any way for me to interface that information manually to MAVLINK?

Looking forward to getting involved in the community and hoping for an answer back!

~ Sam

You can set the rover in guided mode and give it lat, long locations.

Thank you for replying! Is there any way to automatically update it instead of manually? Something like a coordinate that is updated every second by an ardunio?

Yes - you can just send a quick message over mavlink every second (or however fast/slow you need it). The following link should take you to the mavlink interface description.


I am new to MavLink and apologize for the follow-ups but I am really grateful. Is there any resource you could point me towards so that I can send lat/lon messages that are automatically updated from an arduino (or raspberry pi)? I would really appreciate it.

Hi Sam,I have the same question.Did you have solve it?