Manually Change Compass Offset Parameters

[FIXED, see old post here]

Hello all,

I have been having trouble with my Rover’s compass recently. More info on that in my last post. At this point, the important part is that I cannot get an accurate heading for my Rover due to compass calibration continually failing.

Is there any harm in manually setting the compass offset parameters in mission planner? I was thinking of changing COMPASS_OFS_X, COMPASS_OFS_Y, COMPASS_OFS_Z, until I get an accurate heading and then leaving those values like that.

I assume that you are using the stable release with a pixhawk cube with a here GPS antenna/compass isn’t it? I had some problems with it, I ended thinking that the stable release did not recognize the compass properly, (the gps hardware id recognized was different if I changed to latest ArduPlane).
Try installing the ArduRover beta and check if the problem persist.