Manual/ video tutorials

Is their any type of manual, or video tutorials available on how to operate DP. Sure would help some of us newbies. Some of it is pretty straight forward, but then some of it I have no clue on what is right or wrong.

There isn’t any manual made yet for DroidPlanner, since it was still in a fast development. I have added an option to link videos from inside the app, that should make it easy to use tutorials uploaded to youtube.

But since I haven’t had the time yet, and no one step forward, we still don’t have those videos.

But the main idea of the interface is that there shouldn’t be a manual for it, and it should avoid dangerous configurations. Well, at least that’s our goal.

Thanks for the reply. I’m working on getting it figured out. I was hoping their were a few video tutorials around. I see bits and pieces on you tube. Just trying to put them together. I’m sure down the road there will be some tutorials added. Maybe a few of the experts here will post a few when they get time.
Thank you