Manual Tune sequence?

@tridge I just used your transmitter tuning to tune our quadplane and it was awesome. Thank you for putting this in despite some people’s misgivings ( An idea for AP_Tuning library for transmitter tuning)

I seemed to notice large changes when tuning the first parameters (RAT_PIDs in my case) but when tuning later parameters little and then no changes where necessary, making me think that I had tuned the first parameters to the state of the later ones. I’m wondering if this could result in a less then “optimal” tune. This begs the questions:

  1. Should I tune parameters in a specific sequence (ie. Rat_PIDS before ANG_PIDs before AXYZ etc etc)


  1. Should I do a soft tune of all the parameters (cut back to 1/4 instead of 1/2) on all parameters and then cycle back and do a second tune with a 1/2 cutback.


  1. some combo of 1) & 2)


  1. tune in any order because the results are the same in the end

Bueller…? :thinking::thinking: