Manual Roll/Pitch tuning

Hi - I wonder if manual Roll/Pitch tuning is still possible? In this old video (APM 2.5 In-Flight Pitch/Roll Gain Tuning for Stabilize Mode w/ TBS Discovery Quadcopter - YouTube) manual tuning is automatically assigned to RC Ch6 but not in the latest firmware v4.2.3

In extended tuning I can set the tune to stab roll/pitch or rate roll/pitch but how do I assign this to an RC channel?


If you are talking about In Flight Tuning it’s still on Chan 6. Use the TUNE, TUNE_MAX and TUNE_MIN parameters in the Full Parameter List to set them. You can set them on The Extended Tuning page also.

Looking at the attached screenshot I can select to tune the Rate Roll/Pitch kP but how to link this to RC6. On the list are all the Auxiliary Functions Auxiliary Functions — Copter documentation but which one should I select?

None. You do not select a Aux function that’s incorrect. Leave it on Do Nothing it’s on Chanel 6 by default. Set a mix on your transmitter for a Chan 6 pot and go.

Test it out on the Extended Tuning page after connecting. Make an adjustment on your transmitter and then hit the Refresh Screen Button and the parameter you programmed should change.

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