Manual Mode Odd Behavior

Chasing little imperfections in my drive system as I attempt to tune it and this is one I can’t understand. Skid steer setup, the motors are pretty tightly tuned with encoders, and a speed based linear driver. In manual mode with a 2 stick rc controller, one for each side, whenever one side goes forward or back the other has just a little activity. Initially it’s in the opposite direction and then the same direction when it stops. This video has no activity on the right rc stick. In MP the right servo does put out a slight Pwm signal in line with the movement so I’m confident it’s not in the drive system. Seeing as it’s in manual I wouldn’t think the navigation wouldn’t effect it? Tried a few MOT_* parameters with no effect. Is this normal, it seems to happen in acro and auto too although much less pronounced. The issue I’m chasing is a slight backwards movement in a pivot turn that in turn leaves the next segment out of line.

Videos don’t help. Post .bin logs.

Didn’t have them available. Will do.

Anybody else see this behavior in their rover ?