Managing multiple versions of MP in Windows?

I could use a little bit of guidance on managing multiple versions of Mission Planner on my Windows 7 environment. At a minimum, I would like to have

  1. latest version (currently 1.3.37)
  2. latest beta
  3. custom-built versions that I compile with various experiments therein

I don’t understand how Windows manages such scenarios, and in particular wonder about the Program Files (x86) directory, .dll’s, paths, log files, python environments, etc. that might conflict between multiple MP installs. If it’s difficult to manage multiple versions on a single Windows machine, how do others manage this? Really don’t want to manage multiple machines if possible, though having said that, I have this device arriving today as an experiment for running MP in the field with full telemetry via Dragonlink v3: CHUWI Hi8 8 inch Windows 10/Android 4.4 Dual Boot Tablet PC, with Features of Intel Quad Core, Full HD 1920*1200 IPS Screen, 2G RAM/32G ROM and Winkey. Wish me luck on that.


any version of mp can be run side by side, all config is stored in its own directory. ie MP is portable.

Thanks Michael. That’s great to know.


Are you sure that this is still the case? My version seems hell-bent on storing config files, logs etc. under %MY_DOCUMENTS%\Missionplanner\, which seems sensible given modern OS requirements…

BTW, is there any way to manually specify a config path?

EDIT: GitHub seems to indicate that this was changed for version, September 2016: