Management of logs

As our fleet of drones increase I am finding it hard to manage the flight logs. What solutions are you guys using?

Currently I have made folders for the different drones and just copy the logs after downloading to the correct folder, but this is not so great. For example if I want to go back to a specific incident, I have to either keep a text file linking the log name to a description of the flight (which I often forget) or try to remember when the incident happened and go through all the logs around that date.

I imagine something that runs remotely (maybe server on Raspberry Pi or cloud based) so that all logs are stored at some central location. Possibility to add metadata to describe which drone was used and the conditions. Maybe also some tags for the type of flight or incident to make it easy to sort by. Would also be nice to run a query on all logs, for example select all logs where VIBE.clip2 is above some value.

So the idea is not so much the analysis of the logs but more how they are stored and retrieved.