MamBo JumBo !? Please Help !?


I have the 2.6 Arducopter Board just arrived 2 weeks ago( or 3), I was watching the different video’s Online and one of the video’s was about How to connect the APM to the Under menu Called " TERMINAL "

And in the video when he connected his Apm bord there were lines printed which one could read and with some know how understand.

But Mine Printed some mumbo Jumbo!!? which doesnt make any sense at all!?

        How can I know if my board is faulty or not!?
          Please Help

                          Thank you

I’m assuming you have uploaded some firmware first as it won’t work without it.
If you have arducopter 3.2 or higher installed then terminal won’t work as it was removed.

That’s just binary MAVLink. The terminal is no longer needed and ASCII is no longer displayed on it for copter. Your board is fine

Thank you very much for your help. That is the Reason why my new 2.8 Board worked fine and then later the Mumbo Jumbo :slight_smile: started Again like the other board…

      As a new commer to this Field one want to know everything before doing something stupet, Specially I am a bet like that, I have to make shore couple of times before I connect anything Specially the power!!

         But As an Old Dos user I was looking forword to using that future too!?
    Why have they removed it? and if they have removed it, is there other ways to check the board the same way !?

             Thank you Very much for your Kind response Brothers in APM BOARD'S :slight_smile: