Mamba MK4 F405 FC - Sbus Receiver connection Issues

I’m having trouble calibrating Sbus receivers with my Mamba MK4 F405mini FC running Arducopter 4.4.2 . The green bars for radio detection are never present during calibration, and even when they show up randomly sometimes, moving a single control on my transmitter triggers movement in multiple bars, indicating a mismatch between the receiver inputs and FC interpretation. I’ve tried multiple Sbus receivers that work perfectly in other builds and verified the wiring between the FC and receiver, so it seems like an issue with the FC itself or the params i am using.
I have tried SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 23 and SERIAL1_OPTIONS = 3

Update I wanted to verify the FC so I tried it using MambaF405_2022B betaflight 4.4.3 the receiver inputs were correctly visible and mapped so i think the problem is with the firmware( MambaF405-2022) or the params I am using so can someone please help me with that.

The difference b/w MambaF405_2022A and MambaF405_2022B firmware in betaflight is for the different IMUs being used but since the ardupilot recommended firmware recognizes the board and accel calibration can be done in mission planner that should be a issue.