Mamba H743 v2 42688p barometer problem

When i uploaded 4.3.4 and 4.3.5 it shows barometer problem.
What should i do to solve this?
FC Mamba H743 V2 with dual 42688p gyro

This is a known issue on the Mamba - power it with a battery and it will be ok

@andyp1per thank you.


The Diatone Mamba MK4 H743 v2 Flight Control have moved from the DPS280 barometer to using SPL06.

Is it possible to add support to hwdef.dat in ArduPilot:master?
BARO SPL06 I2C:0:0x76

BF Target:MAMBA H743_2022B

Thank you a lot!

Yeah, we can do that. You could even attempt the PR yourself - the change is pretty simple

I’ve never done this before. But I hope that I got it right :slight_smile: