Making changes for adding way point Via address

Hello All,
my setup is Ardupilot with orange cube. need to modify the Mission planner instead of clicking the waypoint on google maps, we are planning to give the address. can we give the address like that, if can where we need to change the code.
if anyone knows this changes please let me know.

Venu Gosu,

you will need to build a C# plugin into mission planner that calls someting like googlemaps webservice in the background to translate an address to a geo-coordinate and then insert that into a mission.

Thanks for your quick response @amilcarlucas

Sir can you guide us where we need to add that in the file.

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Venu Gosu.

Do you know how to program in C#?
Can you compile mission planner from source?

I was thinking an easier alternative would be to create a Waypoint File generator. These files are just tab delimited plain text.

I can compile the mission planner from source available on git.

Thanks for your response @dkemxr

Can you please explain how to create waypoint file generator in detail ?

Actually no, it was just a thought. Here is some info but you can open a WP file in a text editor and view the fields. I would think you could use a mapping API to get the coordinates for an address to use as input for the WP file.

Go to google maps, put in the address, copy the lat and long, paste into waypoint text file or into MissionPlanner where you add a waypoint

Left Click and select Map tools, Zoom To. Enter the address, it will center the map on the entered address, just click on the small red cross which marks the map center to add a waypoint there.


Thankyou for your response. it was really helpful.

Hi @Eosbandi

When i am entering the complete address in the zoom to feature of mission planner it is not showing exact location but going to the near by area.
Can you suggest me how to get to the exact address /location ?

The are several websites that will produce coordinates from an entered address. The one I tried was spot on.

Thanx for Response @dkemxr

I reviewed several websites but haven’t find any information related to that can you share the information how do i get the exact location.

Your Google Fu is very weak.

Here is one, there are many:
Adress to GPS Coordinates