Making a power curve for RC?

I was curious how, or if it’s even possible to make a curve adjustment for my throttle motor power for the Rover, more specifically in terms of how the rc responds.

I have already taken care of the gap from when I move my rc throttle to the point where my motor activated(in my case it was 18%).

What I was curious was how I could make it more of a smoother take off, if that makes sense.

Even when I set my max motor power to 40% it pretty much gets to that power with barely moving my rc throttle.

My hope is to make like the 40% power at the 1900 area, and maybe like the 20% at 1600. 1500 is the neutral.

And of course doing the same thing for the reverse ablity.

I thought I seen a curve to make this happen once but I cannot seem to find it.

Any guidance would be most appreciated.


Thank you, I will give it a look and try.