Making a drone using 3D Printer

Making a drone using 3D Printer.

Frame is built using 2020 Aluminium CNC profile for 3D Printers + screws/mounting hardware.

The assembly is in progress, I will post updates here.

Frame type: X8
Motors: Sunnysky 2216 880kv
Power system: TBD, LiIon 16000-20000 3S.
ESCs: T-Motor 4in1 x2 55A
FC: Navio2
Takeoff weight: 4kg
Max thrust: 8kg

Projected flight time: 10-15 minutes. If lucky - 20 minutes.

Frame weight: 600g
Frame+motors+landing gear: 1500g

Payload: GoPro Session with gimbal

Purpose: filming of nature in windy, mountain, sea conditions, in remote locations.

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Total current weight of the below is 1630g.

Total weight 4000g.