Making a delay at each waypoint doing a survey pattern with QGroundControl or Parameter

I want the copter to hit the waypoints at the end of the survey grid, stop, rotate to the next point, stop and rotate again and then continue on the line to the next waypoint across the grid and not round them off at each waypoint. I see that it can be done with a 1 second delay, but I cannot find how to do it in QGroundControl. I would like to do it for all waypoints in the survey pattern. I cannot find how to put that command in. I do not see anything in WP_NAV or WP. Thoughts?

I see in MP you can add a delay for each waypoint, but how would you do it for all points in a grid? I am using QGroundControl.

Thank you.

Anyone? I am using QGroundControl because that is the software on my Herelink controller. Is there a parameter for it?

That is not possible using QGC. Whether there is some vehicle param you can futz I don’t know.