Maker Boat Advanced Build Info

Hi everyone- A few months ago I completed building what I am calling the Maker Boat Advanced. It’s similar to the Maker Boat Basic, and features a catamaran hull and a gimbal-stabilized, underwater GoPro, though it can carry other sensors. I use a Pixhawk 4 for navigation and a Herelink for video and data telemetry. Many thanks to the community for your help along the way. If you’re interested, please check out the Maker Boat Advanced!


Thanks for sharing this. I have been on a very long search and this is the best choice for sure!

Really great write-up. I saw this post before but in any case, I’ve just created a pull request to add a link from our reference frames page so it should appear tomorrow. Txs!

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I’m currently upgrading the build info for the Maker Boat Basic and Advanced. Any problems build steps that need more detailed information?

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I’m not aware of any issues but I’ve created a PR to add the Maker Boat Advanced to our reference frames wiki page as well.