Make the Flightcontroller "smart"/"intelligent"

First of all: I am new to building quadcopters. I build a bigger one but have no experience with small ones.

So basically my project is to make a “smart/intelligent” quadcopter in micro scale(120mm).
The drone is very small so I dont have much place to put things.
To controll the drone i would like to use a tablet with Mission Planner running on it
My first Ideas:

  • I read something about MavRos to use ROS to send commands to the quadcopter. Is it even possible to send the Mavlink data to a computer running ROS and then send it back to the quadcopter to execute the commands?

  • My second (simpler) idea is to use the Sharp IR distance sensors for collision avoidance

Hardware I use:

  • Micro APM
  • 433MHz Telemetry module
  • MX-3A ESC
  • noname micro brushless motors
  • 3.7v 1s 750MAh LiPo
  • Minim OSD

Hope you guys can help me

Get rid of the Micro APM (it’s not Micro by today’s standards) and take a look at an Omnibus F4 nano V6. Much more functionality, less accessory hardware,simpler form factor and it runs the latest Arducopter. I have one on a 130 size quad.

Thanks for the reply man.
I looked at the board an I like it much more than the APM Micro.
Already ordered.