Make hud elements configurable possible?

Is there a way to “clean” the hud a little bit or personalize it with the elements needed in the particular application? For the majority of the work we do there is too much info on the hud and sometimes the video gets confusing.
I wonder if the hud items could be user selectable or maybe a cs plugin can be made to turn on or off items.


a cs plugin could turn off many of the features. moving things is not currently possible, as everything is scaled based on screen size.

I meant on and off


@Michael_Oborne, any hint on how it could be done with a cs plugin?



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Downloaded latest beta and is there, Great!!!
Thank you so much, that is exactly what i meant, hope will be useful to others too!!!

Thanks Michael.

this is a plugin as well, just like a few of the other small mods

Should i find it inside plugins dir? I would really like to take a look at it.

Found it, i guess it is example9-hudonoff.cs

Thanks again.

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Just a suggestion, it would be nice to have something that says recording (graphic or written) on hud when it is actually recording the hud.



Is there a way i can find in the code the variable used for altitude on the right scale of the hud? It’s set to alt relative to home, which I find is the least useful for me and I’d like to change it to altmsl or even altitude above terrain. Both of which are already calculated and I can add them as a string in the hud, but I’d love to have a go at modifying the display code if i knew where.
Also i find the very speed blue bar could do with being scaled differently, when thermalling I’m always off scale and there for I can’t tell if im centred in the thermall or not…
Happy New Year to all.