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Major Issues flashing pixracer new x3 and new control zero

I recently did a direct driver install for the cubes from their website here, and ever since then I have had major major issues trying to use another partners products mainly flashing firmware. On the pixracers it seems as though the second you plug in USB they are flashing yellow very fast as in bootloader mode (pardon my ignorance but not sure if thats the correct term). The control zero will not load any firmware when I select the custom firmware option, always get no response from the board. Has anyone else had any issues with this after doing the direct driver install from cube.
MP: build 1.3.7216.3637
AC: Dev 4.0 from 10/04/19 @1455MDT
Unable to flash 3 new pixracers and one new control zero from mrobotics after doing hex cube direct driver install.

Why would you use a driver install for a Cube for PIxRacers or the Control Zero? I don’t know about the Control Zero but I have 3 PixRacers and simply flash them from Mission Planner.

here are the reason why I have done the direct driver installs, and please excuse me but don’t assume I am using the cube driver for anything mrobotics, I am more hoping that when I did those it didn’t ruin any of the other sponsored partners products connectivity.

  1. I also own cube!
  2. have you done the direct driver install to get the cubes working, or do you not have any cube oranges or yellows?
  3. pardon for me not clarifying why I had done the direct driver install, again lets please not make assumptions.
  4. I am loading custom firmware in MP due to the fact that I want to test a few things on the latest dev build, which cannot be done unless you do a custom firmware from the latest dev build.

No, no Cubes.I misunderstood what you were doing.

I failed to explain why I had installed the cube drivers! My bad! I have managed to get firmware flashed but had to use a laptop that I did not do the hex direct driver install, hopefully one partner is not overriding another partners products. Seems there has been a major driver issue connecting to new F7 boards, can any devs clarify why one partners product works on only a specific driver compared to the other, what is the major difference in drivers or why have f7 FC’s been so hit or miss connecting and flashing firmware, I am mainly talking about AC 4.0.

The firmware will erase a old copy. Go here and save the one you want to your computer then load it via MP. firmware

What are you exactly telling me to do, as these instructions make no sense or maybe I just can’t comprehend them. I have managed to flash my firmware after getting a laptop that didn’t have the cube direct driver install on it. @Michael_Oborne @proficnc what exactly does that direct driver install do and why have mrobotics products been such a pain to flash after installing that. Is there something special in that driver install that may be causing issues? Do these drivers override others are they specific to hex??? Why do we need to install drivers from one specific company when this is supposedly a community, are partners trying to sabotage others with drivers that are specific to their products which break other companies connectivity, even when they are partners, or is this specific to the new F7 FC’s? Just a few questions I have.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Not a pain as far as i know, when uploading any new firmware will automatically remove the old version.

No this would not follow the open source guidelines so please do not focus on that. What is the issue you flashed the hardware and i have directed you to the firmware location if you like to use Beta.

These are NIB pixracer/control zero nothing ever flashed before fresh install, so again I don’t understand what you are actually saying.

Sir I am well aware of where the beta firmware is, that is not the issue.

All i done is to link the firmware directory other than that please do not put words in my mouth. All the best.

I get zero response from the boards when trying to flash firmware using the load custom firmware, which as I have mentioned is the latest dev 4.0 from earlier today (again I know where to download firmware from) what I am saying is that after doing the direct cube driver install because I also have some cube’s there has been a major issue flashing firmware from mrobotics products.

There seems to be some issues with flashing the lastest F7 FC’s as I had issues trying to flash hex cube orange until they released that direct driver package. I would like to know why they needed to release their own driver package when no one else has had to do so (or maybe they have?), and maybe coincidentally or not has now caused troubles with other partners products.

Good sir I appreciate your help. As for the words in your mouth, again I don’t understand, can you please explain?

plug in the usb cable to mission planner select the port. connect to MP. if you see a connection your good. disconnect MP using the top right button, Go to the firmware menu go to download firmware menu. navigate to recents choose the FC your using than save this to your drive, choose load custom firmware point to your file you just downloaded. the firmware will erase to old firmware and your updated, So you know i use the zero and x2,1 and have no issues flashing 4.0


have you done the cube direct driver install from hex?

No why is this a issue?

Because I also have cube oranges and yellow which required you to do that to communicate with them and ever since I have done that to connect the cube orange and yellow FC’s I have, it has cause issue with mroboitcs as I just got a shipment of their products.

Again this more seems to be a problem with the new F7 FC’s causing issue.

Can you tell me what going on with your zero my hex is flying like a dream did you update to 4.0?

my Zero

mRo x2.1 777 flashed with stable. no issues.

Your lucky excellent fight controllers. here is the Control zero maiden flight.

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No issues really other than the fact that any PC/Laptop I did the direct cube install has not worked to flash firmware to the zero or pixracer. I have no issues with their FC’s just seems odd that I have had such trouble flashing firmware to their products when it use to be so simple. Again it seems that the F7 boards have had some issues flashing firmware, just take a read here, here, and here to name a few, and their solution was to install cube direct driver install from here

I am having zero issues with any pixracers/zero’s once firmware has been flashed! They are simply amazing, especially the new zero gotta love that form factor. My only issue was after installing the direct driver install for hex that was required to communicate with the newer cube orange and yellow, I have had major issues trying to flash mrobotics products using the same machines that I did the direct driver install for cubes on. NO other issues just curious why coincidentally or not after that install (direct driver for cube) I am having issues.

Love my cube but man you cant beat that form factor of the control zero and the amount of options they send you for free to develop your own platform!!

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