Main screen indicators/3DR radios


Can anyone tell me what the flashing red square on APMplanner main screen in the attached screenshot means?

I’m down to my last avenues of investigation on a problem and this is the last thing before I have to make a video to send to 3DR for help.

I can connect my Iris+ via the usb radios (pixhawk NOT cable connected) fine but cannot get any telemetry (my simple test: horizon doesn’t move with drone)

I’ve reflashed both radios with factory defaults using the config utility
I have some knock-off radios from readytofly quads that connect and transmit data fine from my DIY quad with it’s RTFHawk. But when I attach the same radios to the IRIS+ I’m back at the same problem - connections in the Iris+ are slightly different though so I don’t know wht to expect from that

APM PLanner2 2.0.18
Ubuntu 15.04
Solid green and flashing red light on both radios

So it looks like it’s connected by the lights but no data coming accross - so maybe something wrong with the IRIS? - any suggestions?


It means APM Planner 2.0 is not receiving any data. It flashes green when its receiving data. i.e. the heartbeat message. it should receive a HB message every second.

Great thanks!