Main loop slow?

So what does this mean?

It means you are pushing your flight controller too hard. Some features are CPU intensive and will only work well on higher-end models. You also might see this when downloading logs, but that is to be expected

Hi, can anyone explain to me how to interpret this value that appears on PM.
Thank you

See the post above yours. Loading down the Flight Controller. Which one is it and what features do you have enabled that might do that? Notch filter, etc. A screen capture showing the messages screen might be more useful.

By the way, we’ve added many pre-arm check error explanation (including this one) to this wiki page.

I read the page but I can’t understand if the values in the case of Droneright 342 and in my case 272 are values that are fine, falling below 400 Hz, but there are some problems. Basically these values 342/272 in my case what are they like???
Thanks to anyone who can understand this

I don’t know if I can explain it any more clearly than Andy did above.

It means that your autopilot’s main control loop is running at 272Hz, which is far slower than the designed 400Hz rate. You will have a much higher chance of encountering stability and control issues if you choose to ignore it rather than fix the problem.

To fix the problem, enable fewer features or use a higher quality autopilot.

Share a copy of your parameter file (saved from Mission Planner’s configuration screen) as well as the make and model of your autopilot for further help.

Thank you very much Yuri-Rage for your answer…simple and comprehensive for us beginners…another thing I was asking is…this value in the full parameter list where is it indicated…under which item does it appear in the full parameter list. This is because it appeared to me once and then never showed up again.

Param List.param (17.0 KB)