Main led not flashing. 3DR PX4 :-( - SOLVED

Hi guys. This is my first post and i am rather a newbie into Pixhawk. I replaced my outdated APM 2.8 and went for a Pixhawk 3DR PX4. All is connected and working well. But somewhere during the built, i have noticed my mail led is not working any longer. The little leds are working fine. I can make connection via usb and also via telemetry. Should i flash or reboot the Pixhawk? And if yes, how to? Thanks in advance and grtz from Belgium.

These unit come with some random firmware loaded on them and will require the correct firmware to be loaded based on what your using the unit for.

If your using Mission Planner and connect to the board you should see the version in the window title bar after the Mission Planner version.


Problem solved. Seems that the main led will not function when an extra led is added via de i2c port. Thanks.
So i unplugged the extra led and yep, main status led is working again.