Maiden TRex 550 flight, massive side-to-side shaking

SUCCESS! Thank you everyone.

I went to full parameter list instead of full parameter tree that I normally use, and was able to set ATC_RAT_RLL_P to 0. After correcting the tail linkage I did a 1-minute test hover in calm conditions and the heli was rock steady.

After the flight I tried to compare RATE.RDes and RATE R, as per the first part of the tuning wiki, but there are so many more data points in the R graph that I can’t compare it with RDes. I presume I should set the logging attitude back to medium now to reduce the amount of clutter? Anything else I need to check and/or change before I do some tuning flights at our flying field? For instance, is it safe, or necessary, now to set ATC_RAT_RLL_P to 0.01 as prompted by MP?

Well that clutter is due to the rotor vibration. Did you set the notch filter to remove the rotor vibration? I would keep the fast attitude logging for now.

You will need to tune the PIDs.

Thanks Bill, so much to learn still! I’ll configure the notch filter before my next flight.

I don’t remember doing that for my 500 heli, and I was able to compare its RATE.RDes and RATE.R without any problem.