Maiden Tarot 650 rolls right (tips over) before take off when I increased throttle log

Hello there! I have a Tarot 650 build with Tmotor 4006 740 kv and Tmotor 4 in 1 Velox 35A esc with 12 inch APC 3.8 pitch SFP props with Pixhawk 1. For my battery I am using a 4S 5000mah. The first flight the motors spin and right when I increase throttle the quad tips over to the right. I tried multiple times and it always happens the same way. I checked the motor direction and it is set according to the Ardupilot docs. In addition, I made sure the props are on the right way and that the motors are spinning in the right directions. Also, I calibrated it when going through the configuration for the first time. The Pixhawk was set to “stabilized” mode. Last but not least, I checked the log and the motors were all spinning at the same rate. However, I am not sure what else to check in the log to troubleshoot. I am using a QX7. 2020-11-13 13-32-19.bin (519.5 KB)
Here is a photo of my build

If you can post a log directly here chances are it has no value. Which is the case here. Did you perform the Motor Test in Mission Planner and the motor order and direction is correct? Make sure you understand the order it’s run in before confirming this.

Yes this is the motor order that I followed. Where can I post the log so that someone can look at it?

Not to belabor the point but it’s so often the problem. Mission Planner Motor Test Order:
A=1 Front Right
B=4 Rear Right
C=2 Rear Left
D=3 Front Left

Is that the order it runs in when you select A-D?

Make another flight and post a link to the log.

Yes that is correct. I followed the order you have provided. Does this log show any information? This was a flight before it. 2020-11-13 13-22-38.bin (681.3 KB) motor order

I’m wondering why your RC1 Trim is at 982? This should be ~1500. Trim on the Transmitter? If so center this and perform another radio calibration. And update to 4.0.5.

Great! Thanks for looking at it. So I would have to go on my QX7 and change the trims under the outputs tab or can I do that on mission planner? After that I will perform another radio calibration update to 4.0.5 and then test fly it. I will get back to you.

All Transmitter trims should be centered at all times. They are not used with Arducopter for any reason. make sure they are centered and perform another Radio Calibration. If the Trim value in the parameters is not ~1500us something else is wrong.

Does this look better now? I updated to 4.0.5 and centered my trims on the controller. Now the RC1 trim value is at 1500. I will attach a picture and video below. I haven’t test flown it but I will do that maybe in a few days. I was wondering what is RC1 connected to? Is it the roll? Why would a trim of 982 make my quad tip to the right like that?

Chan 1 is Aileron (roll). It’s AETR (Chan 1,2,3,4). 982 is a hard roll.

Awesome thank you so much for your help! Wouldn’t a roll value of 982 make it tip to the left instead of the right?

Hey thanks again for your help. I test flew the drone today and I got it to hover. It was a trim issue. It feels really floaty though haha. I guess I need to go through the tuning process.