Maiden on S600 build, suggestions on where to go from here

Earlier today I maidened a new S600 build:

S600 frame
Holybro Pixhawk 2.4.6 w/ GPS, 915mh temetry and power module
Lumenier BLHeli_S 35A x 4 Opto ESC
Sunnysky 2216-11 870kv w/ 1045 props
Frsky XSR Rx
3S @ 2200mAh (for now)

After I reversed my pitch control the maiden went very well. The craft was immediately flyable with stock setup per the ArduCopter manual. I accidentally entered circle mode but recovered and tried the land feature and was very impressed. Such a nice soft descent and touchdown.

I have included my 4 minute flight log. I have looked it over but would like to have you professionals weigh in on the results. I’d like some suggestions on where to go from here: How would you recommend I improve things? I want to use the drone as a mapping and aerial inspections. Smooth, stable and vibration free are my end goals.

S600 First Flight Log

Also, curious about your thoughts on batt/motor/prop combination. I noticed that I am at about 55% throttle to hover, and my AUW actually needs to be a bit higher. Am I underpowered? Or do I need to prop those motors differently? Should I be using 4S batteries?


Is this a Quad or a Hex? (A link to the frame will help)
What is the motor center to motor center distance between adjacent arms?
What is the projected aircraft All Up Weight (AUW) with EVERY THING installed?
What is your intended flight time?