Magnetometer for RTK Setup

Latest Copter FW here. I’m working on a RTK GPS setup for a quad. (Sparkfun F9P GPS) I wondering what guys are using for the mag, as I don’t want to rely on the internal FC compass. Would it be easier to setup RTK as the 2nd GPS and only enable the mag in the existing GPS? TNX, open to suggestions.
Copter 4.2.1

Hello @CharlieKeck

What is your current GPS? I think you could enable it or not.You could use this as the backup GPS, in a GPS blending configuration. Just be careful about using two different models for it, I read somewhere in the past that using different models could cause some kind of trouble when transitioning from one to another, or comparing hdop, something like this. But in the worst case scenario, you could only left the current GPS disabled and use its magnetometer, as soon as they are treated by different drivers.

TU Bruno! Right now I’m planning on disabling the existing GPS (Neo-M8N) and try using just its mag. The RTK board will be the only GPS. I have also read that the blending GPS concept can cause issues. Appreciate your reply!

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