Magnetometer Calibration Issue

I’ve just got myself a APM 2.8 along with a uBlox M8N GPS (with compass) module. During the configuration process of the setup for the APM I came across this issue.

I have tried many methods to remove this issue; removing the FC from the frame and away from basically everything apart from my arm and usb cable, putting in and also taking out the jumper to select between internal and external compass and many other things.

However, not matter what I do I seem to get the same error over and over. Now, either I am doing something really stupid or I have a broken apm/gps(with compass). I wish its a quick fix and its a stupid mistake on my part but also am aware that after mexico stopped producing these boards and the apm 2.8’s are mainly exported from SZ, it also could just be broken.

Any advise / troubleshooting ideas are welcome along with any voodoo magic you would like to me to try in order to fix this issue.