MagFit on MacBook

I’ve finally got MavExplorer working on my MacBook. Seems to run just fine but I can’t get any of the tools to run. Whenever I try to run MagFit, FFT, or Stats I get the same error:

ERROR in command []: Can't pickle <class 'Struct'>: attribute lookup Struct on builtins failed

MacOS 11.6.1
MavProxy 1.8.59

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Definitely a Python error, most likely resulting from dependencies not being met. Maybe pip install -u dill could do it, but I’m not fully aware of the exact dependencies for those modules.

(posting from my phone, so a little tough to look ‘em up for now)

Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn’t do it.

Now I have dill, do the pickles also garlic? :laughing:

Update: Just thought I should mention that is working. So it’s only a MavExplorer issue.

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Again, it’s surely a Python dependency issue. Maybe dig into the source if you’re so inclined and see what the import statements say. I’m a bit off the grid for a few days or I could help more.

Thanks, I’ll keep digging in there and see if I can find a clue. Python is a new world for me so it will be slow.