Mag 0 uncalibrated

Well I have more issues today.
Pre arm flight check goes red. “Mag 0 uncalibrated “

Board is pixhawk 2.4.6 FMUv2
M8n gps and compass

Yesterday I was up and flying for about 2 min and it did ok. I had been trying to get it flashed or whatever you call it to FMUv3 with no luck. This is a bare bones board replacement. I seem to have a bad bec on one esc send 12+v through the rail and smoke old board. So I have all new hw platinum pro 30a
After a couple of esc calibration’s to get rid of a lean and the death wobble I got a good 2 min fight. But the first 2 tries I would manually spin up the motors after arming the last flight motors would start spinning on arm. I don’t like that at least for now because if I tip it over I can’t kill the props for 2-3 seconds

So back to the issue today. I was trying to shut up motor spin on startup and as soon as I connect red led and mag #0 uncalibrated flashes up on the horizon display. It’s connected and shows movement.

I go to sensors and try to calibrate compass(APM Planner 2)
Click on compass(that has a red dot). Screen opens on the right top. I click ok to start calibration, and I get nothing. Can’t calibrate any settings
I go to qgroundcontrol and have the same issue. But I can start the 60 sec calibration but it fails. Not enough points collected

The led will be green and ready to go until I connect to amp or qgroundcontrol. Then it goes red and starts beeping Beethoven’s 5th. Dee dee dee doooooo
Then as you try the calibration that don’t work it beeps all sorts of stuff

I have changed firmware reset the board every thing. It used to connect automatically when plugged into usb but now I have to do it manually

Do I have a bad external compass? Is it in the board? Unplugging the compass doesn’t change a thing

I just do not have any luck with this thing