Maestro Antenna Tracker doesn't React

I have a Pololu Maestro USB servo controller.

It functions well with the Pololu control panel, and I configure my maestro according to Michael Osborn’s instructions on the WEB page for Antenna Tracker.

The Controller is Configured and the configuration makes it through power recycling. Communications is set to Dual USB.

When I connect the Maestro to Mission Planner nothing happens. I select the lowest of the two ports, in my case 14, and 38400 baud.

I haven’t got my quad connected, so it doesn’t have a position, but Home is set manually.

I imagine that at the very least, I should be able to test the set-up, changing the offset and seeing it move.

The only time the com. light flashes in upon connect, one quick flash. then it stays steady.

Do I need the quad connected to see action?

there will be 2 ports that should appear, try both of them

to test, play back a tlog, and the tracker should move around.

I’ve got it working! Actually it was working all the time.

Problem is that during the week, I work “in the city”, and don’t have all of my equipment. So I was testing the pololu board on the work computer and little more.

With the Pololu control panel, the lights flashed repeatedly, and you can see feedback as to what the servo is doing.

On MP it isn’t the same, the lights don’t flash. So it “seemed” that it wasn’t working. I got to my apartment in the city, where I had thought to bring some servos, and lo and behold, with the servos plugged in as feedback, it worked, even though the led didn’t flash.

Sorry folks, but thanks for answering.

I envy you guys that can plug into their own equipment at the end of a day, advance is so slow when you only have the few precious hours of a weekend.