MacOS offline analysis tools for dataflash logs?

What are the best MacOS tools to analyze data flash log files (from autopilot SD card) without internet access? (Think: laptop in a field.)

Here are a few things I’ve tried (updated with suggestions from the thread below):

Offline tools

Online tools

Yes, it’s possible to run a Virtual Machine for Windows tools

Thanks for your recommendations.

Doesn’t APM Planner work on Mac? I’m not an APMPlanner user myself, but I think many folks really like it’s log-plotting capabilities.

I’m very pro-MATLAB. Especially if you’re a developer, and want to contribute to a MATLAB toolset for log analysis, you’re welcome to try a package that @Georacer and I have developed: While we are both busy with other stuff, it’s mostly functional, and is a great base for contributing updates or forking more user-specific capability. (e.g. I want to add wind-estimation post processing methods, @Georacer was interested in fixed-wing health-monitoring and air-data systems research)

You have the graphing part of APM Planner.

A couple of days ago I spoke with the lead dev of which would be an excellent choice given that he could add the plugin for ArduPilot log files.

Ah! I forgot to list APM Planner. Yes it runs, but crashes when trying to load a dataflash file (Error: Unable to create: near “integer”: syntax error. Unable to execute statement). Looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while. Will it work for you, loading data flashfiles generated by recent firmware? (I’m using ArduPlane.)

Sorry, I’m not an APMPlanner user. I did have to make some recent mods to my MATLAB software for ArduPlane 3.9 logs, so I would not be surprised if it needs an update, but I can’t confirm-or-deny that myself.

Yes, works ok, but there’s a bug already identified when reading the most recent logs. The issue has been raised and is being corrected right now by our friend


I forgot to mention :slight_smile: if you are so inclined…

Interesting! I’ll take a look at

apmplanner2 is constantly being updated. Suggest raising an issue.

Looks like APM Planner bug on MacOS 10.13 is fixed in the daily build linked here:

Ones you saved Droneeplotter on browser cache, then you dont need internet connection. In works inside browser without internet requirment.