M8N GPS Accuracy and Land mode issue

With regards to a M8N GPS connected to a APM 2.8, is it normal for it to be wildly moving around while the Quad is stationary on the ground? On Mission planner it shows the Quad moving all over the place, around ± 20 meters to where it is situated. The sat count is around 7 to 8 and the HDOP value is 2.5. It there anyway that the accuracy of the GPS can be improved. Also, when i switch into the land mode after a flight, the quad starts descending, but then drifts suddenly to the right. Luckily it hasn’t crashed yet as i have taken manual control of the craft before it hits the ground. I don’t really want to try the return to launch mode if the GPS is showing the Quad in the wrong place, and it cannot land itself. Any suggestions to fix these issues?

I’m using the same configuration.

When I’m around buildings/mountains (not a clear view of the sky) I get the same thing.

BUT… Take it out to a field (with clear view of the entire sky)… Give it 20-30 seconds AFTER the blue LED is solid…

I easily get accuracy within 2 feet (and often within 2-3 INCHES).

So three things to try… 1. Get out in the clear. 2. Wait another 20-30 seconds to acquire more satellites. 3. Make sure you’re not near (within 30 feet) any high amperage (power) lines/transformers.

Hope this helps.

Oh…. An of course….

Hope you’re using the normal GPS offset post mount?
Along with balancing the props?

( The spinning magnets in the motors, high amps to the motors, and the vibration from unbalanced props could cause the same thing.)

Sorry… One last thing…

You do have the little triangle painted on the top of the GPS pointed toward the front of the drone, right?

And are you looking at mission planner inside a building or outside? GPS is impossible inside a building

Am using mission planner outside, and thank you for all the suggestions, will go try them out