Lychee Companion Computer Carrier Camera Problems

Hi, im having problems connecting the cameras to the Lychee RaspBerry carrier , with the original ISO from dronee it doesnt work, and they have sent to me a new OS Image, and the problem is the same. If I plug the SD Lychee ISO to a normal RB3, cameras works,

They have sent to me a DTS file to rewrite the camera ports, but doesnt work, or may be I have to follow a procedure I dont have.

Any idea to solve?


So I guess you asked for support and did not received answer from Lychee.

@Artem_Skorsky are you here ?

I have asked, but I havent get the awnser to solve my problem.

Here are some pictures about my problem

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Hi Alberto, I wrote you an email , lets connect on Skype, we can go through the procedure step by step

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I have been sending skype mesages from a long time a no awsner from out last conversation. Can you pls check your skype? Thanks

Hi everyone, I have to say the aftersales of this guys are very bad. If someone want to buy a lychee or something from this guys, pls dont. Im still trying to make this work, and I have no support from them.