LUA Scripting: REPL Console Failed to start

I am trying to run some LUA scripts manually (since it keep saying that there are no LUA scripts to run), and I saw they could be inputted directly into the REPL console. I keep getting “Failed to start REPL” when trying to connect. Is there any fix to this?

Its broken on real hardware currently but works in SITL.

No scripts to run means there was a error but you have not seen it, you must connect quickly to see the message when the script it initialized.

I was hoping to do sweeps of increasing/decreasing the throttle for individual motors and then do that for a combination of motors. Either by sending specific pwm values or selecting the throttle percentage. I think we have a tentitive script for it, but it doesnt seem to be called properly, is there a better place to put it instead of the APM/scripts folder since I couldnt get the helloworld script to run either.

That is the correct place.

If your on USB you need to connect as soon as the com port shows up to see the error. You should certainly be able to get the simple loop example to run.

I am running it over wifi connect so maybe I am unable to see the error before can connect. Also is there a reason why I cant see the file structure on mavftp anymore. It periodically doesnt show up and then I had to reformat my sd card to make it work (this time it didnt though unfortunately). It is just showing a blank screen now

The REPL should now be working on beta MP.