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Lua scripting problem - get not working at all

Hey, I’m trying to do some simple stuff with scripting like reading the flight mode i’m in. My code errors every time I try to get anything. For example:

local switch= rc:get_pwm(7) - - Gets RC pwm, i.e. the mode

local mode = vehicle:get_mode()

local RC_PWM = rc:get_pwm(2)

These few lines worked perfectly a month ago but now seem to error. I’ve tried to isolate the problem but keep getting an error message when doing any kind of get function or call. I find this super strange as it worked previously.

I’ve tried running example codes from the github and they error in a similar way… Anyone who has experienced a similar issue?

I also tried going back to plane 4.0.5 from .7 but the error remains. I don’t know what this could be.

Scripting is quite limited on the stable release, all the cool stuff is in Will need the error your seeing to help with your issue.

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Ah okay. I’ll try to switch to dev to see what I can do. I do believe that when it last worked we were on a dev build. Just assumed by switching to the latest stable one afterwards it would work.

It was the FW version, it needed to be on dev. Thanks Peter!

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