Lua Scripting Compatible FC

Hi all,

Question regarding lua scripting. I would like to learn more about this feature and am trying to ensure that I understand the minimum hardware requirements for it to be possible. I understand from this page Lua Scripts — Copter documentation that at least 2MB of flash is needed, and in looking at this page Firmware Limitations on AutoPilot Hardware — Copter documentation I see more regarding the limitations, especially with the ChibiOS 1MB boards. I’ve been looking at the Matek H7 and Holybro H7 series boards, but a line on this page Holybro Kakute H7 Mini — Copter documentation mentions that this FC has “16MB data flash for logging”. Is there a difference between flash “for logging” vs. for firmware vs. for lua scripting? Perhaps I’m getting this all wrong - any help would be appreciated.

Look at the hwdef.dat file here for the board you are interested in:
For this entry:

Thanks Dave! So if I see FLASH_SIZE_KB 2048 on hwdef for any board that would mean that specific board would support lua scripting, at least from the storage space standpoint? (I realize there are other factors).

Where does the 16MB data flash for logging show up in the hwdef? Somewhere in here?

# use last 2 pages for flash storage
# H743 has 16 pages of 128k each
define HAL_STORAGE_SIZE 32768