LUA get_accel() help

I’m trying to get the acceleration vector3f data in a lua script. I have ahrs:get_roll() , pitch, and yaw working, but ‘accel = ahrs:get_accel()’ does not work and gives errors preventing running. It’s mentioned in ardupilot/libraries/AP_Scripting/Docs/docs.lua but nowhere else. It also isn’t used in any of their provided examples. I can’t find this problem mentioned anywhere else. I really don’t want to calculate acceleration if it is provided somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

It works just as expected and is used in my example here:

Thanks for the quick reply @Yuri_Rage ! I think my issue was my vehicle firmware version… I just updated from Copter 4.0 to 4.2 and it suddenly works… thanks anyways!

That is probably the case. 4.0 had limited bindings available.

Here are the 4.0 bindings.